Introducing our new Partners - Raybox Games

Escape From Stalingrad Z by our new partners, Raybox Games!

Escape From Stalingrad Z

Welcome to Escape from Stalingrad Z a game of grim history as seen through the cracked lens of the supernatural. 

Escape from Stalingrad Z is a 1 to 3 player solo/coop/versus narrative campaign game of tactical combat set in the horrific zombie plague of World War II. It has many features that separate it from most miniatures games. 

The game takes just 1 minute to set up, has a very compact play area (basically one open book), takes 20 to 40 minutes to play each scenario and is designed with a story matrix making it a true "Move your own adventure." 

Worldwise Imports has partnered with Raybox Games to make this awesome game line more accessible to US Customers!

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