Chess Pieces - Resin - Robin Hood
Chess Pieces - Resin - Robin Hood
Veronese Design

Chess Pieces - Resin - Robin Hood

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32 hand-painted resin chess pieces with felt bottom.

The light side is made of Robin Hood and the Merry Men;

  • The king is Robin Hood
  • The queen is Maid Marian
  • The bishop is Friar Tuck
  • The knight is a Merry man
  • The rook is a treehouse
  • The pawns are Little John

The dark side is made of Prince John and his court.

  • The king is Prince John
  • The queen is Isabella of Angouleme
  • The bishop is the Cardinal
  • The knight is a soldier
  • The rook is a castle
  • The pawns are soldiers

King height: 3"25

Chessboard not included.

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