Escape from Stalingrad Z
Escape from Stalingrad Z

Escape from Stalingrad Z

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Welcome to Escape from Stalingrad Z, a game that delves into a dark story viewed through the supernatural lens. This 1 to 3-player solo, cooperative, and narrative campaign game depicts tactical combat in the midst of the horrific zombie plague of World War II. It has many unique features that set it apart from most miniature games.

The game is easy to set up, taking just a minute to prepare. Its playing area is compact, essentially an open book, and each scenario takes between 20 to 40 minutes to play. Escape from Stalingrad Z is designed with a story matrix that creates a true "move your own adventure" experience.

  • 8x miniatures
  • 1x Til
  • 1x Dasha
  • 1x Becker
  • 1x Lydia
  • 1x Steiner
  • 1x Algyr
  • 1x ricer
  • 1x Katyusha
Note: The miniatures are delivered pre-assembled and unpainted.

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